What you need to know about wood plastic composite?

  • It has been used for outside applications for more than 25 years with excellent results.
  • Wood polymer composite is a homogenous mixture of wood, polymer and various additives, extruded in various profiles for decking, wall cladding, railings and park furniture.
  • Good quality WPC resists much more than wood to weather ageing, moisture, UV radiation and attacks of mold and wood eating insects.
  • WPC profiles need no maintenance, no painting, oil impregnation or other protection.
  • WPC profiles are price competitive to natural wood
  • WPC profiles can be assembled with wood screws or glued , but they can also be welded like PVC profiles
  • Being produced from natural raw material (wood), the shade o color may vary from one batch to another, but differences are scarce.
  • Wood plastic composite is an environment friendly material, which is not only protecting wood ( because it’s using sawdust, so it saves a lot of trees from becoming timber, and also WPC life is longer than timber life), but it also uses recycled polymer, saving a limited natural resource, oil.
  • Old WPC profiles can be recycled and even if they are sent to land disposal, they don’t release heavy metals or other hazardous substances in water, air or soil.
  • They have aspect of natural wood and elasticity of plastic

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