Beautifully Crafted Wood Composites

Best in the class wood plastic composite solutions for durability, sustainability, design, performance and price.

High Quality
High Quality

We do through quality checks and durability testing on every product before shipment. We use quality raw materials.

Fast Delivery
Fast Delivery

Large warehouse with advanced stocks lead to shorter lead time and faster delivery.

Best Warranty
Environment Friendly

Our composites are based on European best quality plastic-based waste and best quality wood waste, we recycle and transform it into exceptional WPC profiles.

Competitive Price
Competitive Price

Our highly skilled and well-trained work force strives hard to reduce the cost by innovative processes and our large-scale automated production facility.



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How do you choose WPC profiles?

Deck profile must be chosen accordingly to required mechanical strength: there are light profile for residential use but there are also heavier profile for commercial or heavy use. Even if composition of these profile is similar, the wall thickness vary,…

What you need to know about wood plastic composite?

It has been used for outside applications for more than 25 years with excellent results. Wood polymer composite is a homogenous mixture of wood, polymer and various additives, extruded in various profiles for decking, wall cladding, railings and park furniture.…

Wood vs Composite

Traditionally the wood is chosen for decking, flooring, and fencing because of its availability and its least expensive material. But the wood has its drawbacks. Wood rots and splits as it gets older and due to water and moisture, thus wood needs…

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