How do you choose WPC profiles?

Deck profile must be chosen accordingly to required mechanical strength: there are light profile for residential use but there are also heavier profile for commercial or heavy use.

Even if composition of these profile is similar, the wall thickness vary, and so is the mechanical strength, warranty and price.

To choose a good quality WPC profile, there are some easy tests which can be done:

  • Water adsorption ( just weight how much heavier is a profile kept in water for 24 hours).
  • Machinability, by cutting with an electric saw a profilee. A good quality wpc material should be easily drilled or cut, without any smoke or sparks.
  • Heat elongation: if exposed to heat any WPC profile dilates, but good quality profile have uniform small dilatation.

An important factor is also price, because a small price always means bad quality raw materials and lack of important additives, so the profile shall distort and break in 1-2 seasons.

None wants to transform his investment in an useless expense, so consider above advices before taking a decision!

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